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Typical Day At Camp

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All camps are different but we’ve put together an overview of what a typical day at camp looks like:

• 9:00 -9:30  warm UP: Dynamic stretches and strength training program.

• 9:30-10:15  Individual training: Technical work on receiving to create space. Giving the player the ability to receive the ball and with his/her first touch create space for an attacking option.

• 10:15-11:00  Small Group Tactics: In a controlled competitive environment the player will be asked to implement the previous individual skill learnt from the previous session.

• 11:00-11:45  Small sided games: Again the player will be asked to implement their previously learnt skill into a game situation. The games will have restrictions and modifications to reinforce this theme.

• Lunch

• 1:00-1:15 warm up.

• 1:15-2:00  Large group tactical: Where when and how to create space for one’s self and through such techniques as guided discovery, aid the players in finding answers, rather than telling them.

• 2:15-2-45  Scrimmage: Let the kids play!

• 2:45-3:00:  Warm down.




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